Who We Are?

TekniTeed Nigeria Limited offers an expert industrial spares and component parts sourcing framework to adequately facilitate the internal vendor management operations of its customers.

The expertise gained covering spare & replacement parts sourcing, procurement services, inventory management, implementation of quality control measures in addition to our OEM-compliant MRO Portfolio (Maintenance, Repairs and Operations) has helped us to sustain and exceed customer expectations. We are driven to provide effective solutions to our clients’ core businesses for the overall continuity of service and productivity.


John Okeh
MD/CTO of Theap – keeping the wheels of Industry moving!



To be the leading and trusted Industrial / Engineering spares equipment distribution and technical support services Company in Nigeria and the Pan Africa.



To expertly establish a simplified Industry – wide integrated component part sourcing procurement framework and up-to-the- minute engineering support and repair services to cost – effectively benefit stakeholders from both ends of the markets.


THEAP. TekniTeed NG Heavy Equipment & Automotive Parts (THEAP) Division

TekniTeed Nigeria limited is pleased to announce the launch of our THEAP Division. The THEAP Division is a result of many successful years of providing heavy duty equipment parts and automotive solutions on a small scale for a handful of major customer accounts.

THEAP is the trading platform of TekniTeed NG Heavy Equipment & Automotive Parts Division. Our delivery program includes a comprehensive range for all heavy duty/automotive equipment and replacement part for the construction, transportation, agricultural, mining, marine &automotive in addition to other heavy duty equipment applications. We supply high quality genuine/ OEM products especially for Germans/ Europeans, Koreans & Japanese machines and equipment. High quality products are often imitated and mechanics probably won’t recognize the difference; but definitely the equipment will! Therefore, we satisfy our customers increasing quality and image consciousness with an extensive selection of innovative and high-tech products. At the end, that’s the only way a replacement part becomes a major factor in success.

We are a nationally known replacement parts and services Company with many accounts throughout the Country.We understand the need for quality products, work as well as reliability and guarantee these for all customers through our unique differentiation in the industry. Our team of experts at TekniTeed HEAP Division is happy to help fulfill any specific needs you may have as we work hard to uphold our reputation for superior products & services built over time. Contact us today for pricing and questions and see our outstanding customer service at work.

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